Tribute to Andre Concert (afternoon show)

27th August 2024, 2:00pm

As a finale to this year’s International Beatleweek, we are paying tribute to somebody who was well known to Beatle fans all around the world, and who tragically passed away just prior to Beatleweek 2023. Andre Barreau was in the ground-breaking stage show ‘Beatlemania’ in 1979. After that successful show, very quickly a new phenomenon emerged called ‘The Bootleg Beatles with Andre playing George Harrison for the next 37 years. He was a true legend and gentleman. Andre also played on many other songs and genres including the famous guitar solo on Robbie Williams’ iconic hit single, Angels. 

Beatleweek has a huge indebtedness to pay for his role in shaping how we all remember the Fab Four heroes we all share, and so it’s fitting to end our festival with a tribute to Andre.

This show is included in the following packages:

Gold Anthology

Silver Beatles


The Cavern Live Lounge
10 Mathew Street, Liverpool