Disabled Access

All hotels, The Cavern Club, Alma De Cuba, St George’s Hall, The Shankly Hotel and most areas of the Adelphi Hotel are accessible to wheelchairs. Please speak with a member of staff when you arrive and someone will be able to help you. Also, please let us know when booking if you need wheelchair access to The Philharmonic Hall so we can allocate you the correct tickets.

Unfortunately, the Cavern Pub is not wheelchair accessible. It is helpful to us if you  can indicate you are a wheelchair user when booking to help us make sure we accommodate any needs you may have.


There are 33 steps down from the street level into the Cavern Club.

For visitors who are unable to walk up or down the steps, there is a lift in the building which can be used to access the club with the assistance of a member of staff.

There is a ramp inside the venue from the upper level of the Cavern Live Lounge to the lower level, the rest of the club is flat.   Wheelchair users can only use this ramp with the assistance of a member of staff or a helper.

The toilets in the Cavern Club are wheelchair accessible, but there is no disabled toilet facility within in the club.  There are disabled toilets in Cavern Walks building which can be accessed by the lift, please ask a member of staff to assist.

Please contact us in advance of your visit so we can arrange for a member of staff to be available to assist you.


The Philharmonic Hall is fully accessible. There are two customer lifts to take you to stalls, box seats, grand circle, upper circle and rear circle. Wheelchair spaces are available on request, if you require a wheelchair space and you haven’t been in touch yet please do so before the festival so we can arrange the correct tickets for you.

Philharmonic strives to be as accessible as possible to all. If you need any additional information please contact us or email access@liverpoolphil.com


Most areas of the Adelphi Hotel are wheelchair accessible. In areas that are not wheelchair accessible members of our security team will be able to assist you. Please speak with the doormen upon arrival regarding assistance.


This venue is fully wheelchair accessible.


This venue is fully wheelchair accessible.


The Shankly rooftop main stage is accessible for wheelchair users via a lift. Unfortunately, the small acoustic stage at the roof top cannot be accessed by wheelchair.