Tearaways, The (USA)

Tearaways, The (USA)

The Tearaways: A Brief History.

When Fin was born his parents gave him a leather jacket. At nursery school, he made friends with another kid who also wore a leather jacket, Greg. In grade school, they met up with a little bloke named Dave, who didn’t have a leather jacket. In order to join, he had to find a leather jacket. He did.

Always searching for the last piece, the boys found a 1959 leather jacket. It never quite fit anyone until Clem Burke put it on. And then there were four Tearaways. Since that moment, they have just finished their latest record “And For Our Next Trick,” which was released in 2023.

Please don’t miss your chance to catch these cats. They are Beatleweek Hall of Fame members. They will certainly entertain you. They will die trying!

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