Misterioso, Ángel (Spain)

Misterioso, Ángel (Spain)

Ángel Misterioso is the stage name used by the Spanish musician Miguel Alberte to pay a heartfelt tribute to George Harrison. Born in Pontevedra, Galicia, in 1993 but based in Barcelona since 2018, Alberte has always been a huge Beatles fan; his earliest childhood memory is watching The Beatles’ film Help!

The son of a drummer, his favourite Beatle has always been Ringo and his first instrument was the drums, but at 11 years old he started to learn the guitar in order to be able to play songs on his own and accompany himself as a solo performer and this is how he will appear at this year’s festival.

Accompanied only by his acoustic guitar, he will explore the songs George Harrison wrote and sang with The Beatles, in his solo career and with the Traveling Wilburys. Miguel also has two additional tribute shows: one to Eric Clapton (called Turtlehand, which he will also do at Beatleweek) and one to Los Rodríguez, a Spanish-Argentinean group which happens to be his second favourite band right after the Beatles. He has also performed as Ringo Starr in The Beatboys, a Beatles tribute band from Barcelona.

In addition, he writes and records his own music and has released more than 20 songs of his own.


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