Liver Birds (Japan)

Liver Birds (Japan)

After their appearance at International Beatleweek 2018, 3 members of Glove Love (Moriyou, Minooru and Fnatter) decided to form a new band with the idea of going back to Liverpool in the future, and here they are, back at the festival with Spike and Noby to present Liver Birds.

They didn’t want to stop playing together even during the complicated years of Covid-19  so they had over 80 remote sessions throughout that period, which you can see on YouTube and Facebook.

Liver Birds are a band who aim to completely copy of The Beatles and they have already rehearsed up over 100 songs, including You’re Going To Lose That Girl, Hey Bulldog and the Abbey Road end Medley.

Nobu (Band Leader, Keyboards and Vocals): We are on fire to recreate The Beatles’ great songs. Please come and see Liver Birds. Let’s have a blast together!

Spike (Lead Guitar and Vocals): When I perform The Beatles’ music, I always get goosebumps. This will never change.  I used to take things a bit too seriously when I first started playing music, but The Beatles taught me to just relax, enjoy, and go with the flow. We’re grateful to be a part of Beatleweek and will just give it all to enjoy every moment on and off the stages. 

Minooru (Bass and Vocals)  Welcome to our perfectly cheerful shows, and I want to share my heart with all of you. This world has entered a spiritual phase of love, peace and harmony. Let’s get along and have fun together!

Moriyou (Rhythm Guitar and Vocals): I feel that this Beatleweek may be the last chance in my life. By playing exactly the same way as they did, I believe I can get closer to the feeling of The Beatles.

Fnatter; The Beatles are an immortal Rock ‘n’ Roll band as well as my own youth! At Beatleweek 2024, we want to recreate the sound of the Beatles with you. Can’t wait to see you again!If you ever travel to Japan, visit Chonoya (, run by Moriyou who is John from Liver Birds. You can experience traditional Japanese calligraphy and tea ceremony in an old Japanese house. So fabulous!

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