Hey! Darling (Japan)

Hey! Darling (Japan)

Hey! Darling are a collection of friends, who met through their love of The Beatles and the live Beatles music scene in and around Tokyo. They formed the band in 2021 and includes members of previous Beatleweek bands.

Sherry on rhythm guitar was a member of all-female trio,  The Clover, who became Beatleweek favourites on five occasions between 2011-2017. She’s joined by two more female members, Kyon Kyon on drums and Saechan on keys. The two other members of the band are Osapy on bass and Morisan who played with The Hukusuke in 2016.

All five members are capable singers, especially the drummer Kyon Kyon who sings many of the lead vocals. Expect to hear the songs that inspired the band’s name, Oh! Darling and Hey Bulldog, as well as many other classic songs from the Beatles’ entire catalogue.

Morisan: Beatleweek 2016 was one of the big highlights in my life, so happy to be back to the world’s biggest Beatles festival. Please come and listen to the vocals of our ladies, so beautiful!

Osapy: Music is my life and The Beatles are the starting point of that. And it’ll be great to play in Liverpool, where The Beatles started.

Saechan: I still can’t believe that I’m taking part in Liverpool’s Beatleweek festival. I’ll just be happy if we can make the audience smile.

Sherry: I’m so excited to return to the Beatleweek as well as Liverpool, the city, which I love. Very, very much looking forward to seeing you all again!! 

Kyon Kyon: When I was a teenager, I dreamed to marry Paul…he appeared in my dream every night actually. After many years, Beatleweek became another dream and this one is going to come true… just unbelievable! I will put everything I have in it and want to make you all feel happy. Wishing my band Hey! Darling will remain in your memories. See you soon!

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