Doctors, The (Poland)

Doctors, The (Poland)

The Doctors, from Olsztyn, are a sensation in the landscape of medicine, not only in the Warmia-Masurian region but also throughout Poland. They have existed, unbelievably, since 1994 and are, therefore, the longest running playing medical rock band in Poland – A band of real doctors, playing real rock and roll! 

Founded 30 years ago by Janusz Stępień (Anaesthesiologist – Guitar), always in love with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, who was joined by Piotr Cygański (Cardiologist, Trumpet, Keyboards, Tambourine), sharing their love for British music of the 1960s and 1970s.

In the following years, the band evolved and the line-up changed, and finally from 2014, in addition to the previously mentioned members, The Doctors were joined by:
Piotr Maksimiuk (Anaesthesiologist, Vocal, Bass) – a man who would like (and should) be the fifth Beatle, Mirosław Łesiów (Urologist, drums ) – an art lover who tries to perfect the rhythm change played by Ringo in the Ticket to Ride Coda and Przemysław Pierożyński (Anaesthesiologist, Guitar) – according to him, there could be only two songs in the musician world, one of which is: Don’t Let Me Down, recorded in 1969 on the roof.

Those five doctors were joined by friends and professional musicians: Zbigniew Siwek (Saxophone, professional musician) a globetrotter, performing in almost all the countries of the world. He could be defined as a brand of his own and Andrzej Bukowski (Saxophone, clarinet professor) who learned from the best in Tel Aviv, passionate about creating new arrangements in the Beatles’ works using brass section.


With this line-up, the band have performed many concerts all over the country in various events. The Doctors won the first prize at the National Review of Rock Bands “EsculapRock” held regularly in Olsztyn. The group’s sound is the result of the interests of its members (an explosive cocktail of views, styles and characters, and creates an explosive mixture), the repertoire includes dynamic rock ‘n’ roll standards from the 1950s, covers of rock giants from the 1960s and 1970s, as well as newer hits with only one common denominator: Doctors like them. In addition to their versions of well-known songs, the band also performs their own original songs, with meaningful titles such as: “This guitar is for electricity”, “Addicted to a woman”, “Bacon Blues”…

In accordance with the latest guidelines and global trends, the team is versatile and interdisciplinary, not only due to its repertoire but also its personnel (cardiologist, urologist, several anaesthesiologists). By combining two passions – music and medicine – they bring together different generations of listeners in fun.

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