Coombs, Zac (Australia)

Coombs, Zac (Australia)

Zac made his first appearance at last year’s festival and loved it so much he decided to do it all again in 2024!

Zac Coombs is a professional musician/singer/guitarist/performer hailing from Sydney, Australia. His 15+ year career has had him performing as a solo act on cruise ships on an international level. He has also apart of multiple popular music tribute acts, appearing in major theatre circuits on a worldwide scale. He has paid tribute to a wide variety of artists including, ABBA (as Bjorn), The Bee Gees (as Barry Gibb), The Eagles (as Glenn Frey), Pink Floyd and Neil Diamond. But when it comes down to it, The Beatles has always been his absolute favourite band to pay tribute to.

Starting out playing in various Beatles’ shows in Australia (The Beatnix, Beatle Magic), Zac’s primary role playing as John Lennon has always taken precedent with most shows he has been a part of. He has also taken on the roles of Paul and George as well. His love for all the Beatles music (including post-Beatles) stands to reason.

Appearing as a solo performer, Zac will take to the stages to play as much of the back catalogue of Beatles material (and more) that he can muster for all people far and near – Mostly near because it’s closer!

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