CoastBeatles (The Netherlands)

CoastBeatles (The Netherlands)

CoastBeatles made their debut at the International Beatleweek in 2023 and now they are very excited to return to Liverpool and play again at the most famous Beatles festival in the World!

All band members grew up with the timeless music of The Beatles and really love playing and singing their songs, with beautiful vocal harmonies, musicality, high quality and having fun playing together make a major contribution to their daily dose of energy.

CoastBeatles feel at home on stage at every occasion. As individuals and as a band, they have both national and international experience in different countries all over the world, for instance the U.S.A., Germany, Belgium and France.

Like last year, they will focus on the acoustic side of The Beatles. This year they will also add some post-Beatles to their repertoire. The group offer a slight twist to the songs by playing them in a semi-unplugged setting, with the violin as a special addition. Their shows thus have a pleasant ambiance. This year they introduce their new band member Paul, who adds an extra vocal, drums and percussion.

CoastBeatles are: Ernie Hoffmeister (acoustic guitars, vocals, harmonica), Marion Visser (bass, violin, vocals), Bart Weggemans (electric guitar) and Paul Gregoor (percussion, drums and vocals).

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