Carrion, Valentin

Carrion, Valentin

Valentin is a young Argentinian singer and multi-instrumentalist who was visiting Liverpool in May 2023 and got talking to Clark Gilmour, who invited him on stage to perform a few songs. The two kept in touch and later that year Valentin decided to apply for IBW2024.

He comes from a family of artists and his beginnings in music date back to his childhood, with a strong fanaticism for the music of The Beatles. At 10 years old he formed his first band, participating in the Pepsi Music Pro Junior Festival in Buenos Aires, winning the revelation award, as well as appearing on Argentinian television at that time, standing out for his talent at such a young age. Over the years he has played in different stages and festivals in Argentina, including the Cavern Club in Buenos Aires, among others. He also works as a producer, recording and mixing other artists in his own studio. This year, his passion for The Beatles led him to take on the role of John Lennon in a tribute band, cruising through the United States and Canada, obtaining a very warm and positive reception from the public.

Valentin stands out for his expressive voice and his good guitar playing, especially rhythmic. He also plays piano and bass. The public will be able to enjoy his interpretations of The Beatles’ songs, respecting the original arrangements and remembering the sensations felt when we listening to the music of the fabulous four.

Performed with the greatest respect and love for the music, Beatles fans can expect to feel the warmth and affection that this young man has for John, Paul, George and Ringo!

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