Bold, Nick (England)

Bold, Nick (England)

Renowned George Harrison tribute, Nick Bold is back in Liverpool to perform at this year’s International Beatleweek festival.

Nick’s been portraying George Harrison for 20 years, since he emerged as a convincing look and soundalike on Stars In Their Eyes, singing My Sweet Lord.

As well as having his own show, George! that he has brought to IBW, Nick’s time as the “Quiet Beatle” has taken him all over the world, performing in the USA with The Reunion Beatles show, as well as playing with UK bands, Beatlemania/The Magic of The Beatles, Beatles For Sale and more recently The Cavern Beatles. He’s also been regularly called upon to step in with The Cavern Club Beatles, and on occasion, The Bootleg Beatles.

Nick will be performing on Tuesday as we pay tribute to Bootleg Beatles founding member and George Harrison impersonator, Andre Barreau.

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