Bluebirds Over Sweden (Sweden)

Bluebirds Over Sweden (Sweden)

Like many good stories, this one began in a bed… but it’s not quite what you think! Bluebirds Over Sweden, from Gothenburg, started life as an impromptu performance at 2019’s International Beatleweek when Jimmie and Sofie got up to perform a few songs as part of that year’s Open Mic Bed-In. Clark Gilmour, the festival’s artist liaison also happened to be hosting the event and was so impressed with the duo that he asked them if they would like to come back to IBW as an official act.

The duo quickly started to plant seeds for the next Beatleweek and soon sprouted into a trio, reuniting Jimmie with his Mother Nature’s Meanies band mate, Linus Jadling-Ohlsson on vocals and acoustic bass. The band’s rich, three-part harmonies are also accompanied by Jimmie on Guitar and Sofie on percussion.

They arrange and perform Beatles and solo years material, a wide variety of rarely-played-live material and well-known hits. They made their debut at International Beatleweek 2022, and festival goers were impressed by their beautiful three-part harmonies and in particular, their version of “London Town” by Wings.

As you may have guessed from the name, the band are big fans of Paul’s solo career and all three members have an extensive knowledge of The Beatles, having been regular attendees at the festival even before playing at the event as musicians.

This will be their third consecutive appearance in Liverpool!


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