Bertils, The (Sweden)

Bertils, The (Sweden)

The Bertils are back again! Now entering their second decade as IBW performers, that’s right, this will be their 11th year on the bill.

This year they will plan to memorialise 1964, THEE pivotal year when it comes to the development and evolution of British Pop music, quality-wise, as well as the explosive spread all over the world.

To emphasise the impact of 1964, The Bertils have invited two important profiles to join the band this year: Phil Evans of The Overtures and Lars Elf, a regular member of Rocks Off, both bands having main performances during this year’s Beatleweek. Phil and Lars accepted immediately. However, at the time of writing this, they have not yet consulted with their regular bands. Surprise!

Reports from their rehearsals indicate that the focus will be mainly, if not exclusively, British music from the 1960s, with of course, a number of Beatles songs! There will also be some guest appearances, which for now, will remain a secret!

The Bertils’ IBW 2024 lineup:
Phil Evans, lead guitar
Lars Elf, another lead guitar (pls expect fighting)
Olle Strååt, Drums
Jimmie Rudolfsson, Bass
Kent Adeborn, 3rd guitar and Band Leader.

A splendid time is guaranteed for all (worn expression but true anyway)

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