Beat Beats (Japan)

Beat Beats (Japan)

Beat Beats formed in August 2020 during the isolation of the pandemic. Shiro, who started the band and plays “Paul”, is a former winner of the John Lennon Museum band competition with his previous tribute band. He set out to recreate a classic Beatles tribute band lineup, with each member taking on a different role of the fab four. After a couple of line-up changes, he can finally present Beat Beats!

They are a legitimate copy band and aim to recreate Beatles concerts from different eras with a theme for each stage; Hamburg, early tours, Shea Stadium, Budokan and even the rooftop. They’ve already accumulated a set list over 70+ songs, with all the classics as well as some lesser played tracks like Mr. Moonlight, She’s A Woman, If I Needed Someone and Lucille.

Messages from Members:
Sky John: The Beatles are big part of my life. I was born in October 1962, the same year and the same month of the Beatles’ debut, so I feel the Beatles are my destiny. We are going to be The Beatles and we are going to perform powerfully. We also want to meet Beatlemaniasc from all over the world. Let’s Rock and Roll!

Jim: The Beatles is life itself. If you see us on stage, you will understand how much we love The Beatles.

Akira: My music, fashion, ideology…everything has been engraved by the Beatles. I want to beat out The Beatles’ beat which I beat by The Beatles at Beatleweek in Liverpool, the beat city.

Shiro: Thankfully we passed the audition! Our dreams come true! All members are over 60, but we play with a powerful youthful energy. Hope you can feel The Beatles through our performance. Don’t miss our ‘The Beatles’ 1966 Nippon Budokan concert’. And of course, you can enjoy other hits and Rock ‘n’ Roll classics. See you at the gigs!

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