BeaGirls, The (Costa Rica)

BeaGirls, The (Costa Rica)

The BeaGirls are an all-female band from Central America who have been paying tribute to the immortal music of The Beatles for over a decade. These visionary musicians have embarked on a sonic journey filled with reverence and passion, exploring the depths of The Beatles’ catalog and distilling its unique essence in every note.

The band not only performs the songs but also dresses them with a distinctive touch and freshness that captures the timeless essence of the Fab Four while infusing their own creative spirit.

Throughout their career, they have had the opportunity to share great stages both nationally and internationally, as well as collaborate with renowned national artists such as Marta Fonseca, Luis Montalbert, Manuel Obregón, among others, and participate in a season with the Costa Rican Philharmonic Orchestra.

They have had the chance to perform at numerous national and international festivals, traveling to countries like Guatemala, Argentina, and participating in some virtual festivals in Chile, Brazil, among others.

One of their greatest achievements was presenting an interactive show called “The Beatles Experience,” a multi-sensory spectacle with artists from different disciplines, national and international guests, at the Melico Salazar Popular Theater (one of the most important theaters in their country), with an audience of a thousand attendees.

Regarding national television, their participation in the opening of the 5th season of “Tu Cara Me Suena” on Teletica Canal 7, the most important television channel in Costa Rica, is noteworthy.

Their most recent studio experience was “The BeaGirls – Live Session,” a live recording in the style of the famous Abbey Road Studio.

“It was like encountering a part of history and commemorating one of the most iconic albums in musical history,” they commented on this experience.

At the end of 2023, they were invited to participate and represent their country in The Beatles Week in Argentina, where they secured a direct pass to Liverpool, where they will once again have the opportunity to represent their country at the emblematic International Beatle Week Liverpool.


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