Backdated (USA)

Backdated (USA)

There is no “substitute” for Jay Goeppner’s Backdated band and they are thrilled to be performing their tribute to John Lennon at International Beatleweek 2024.

Hailing from Chicago, the group is comprised of 6 members, all talented musicians in their own right, who are prepared to immerse you in the music of John Lennon.

Their frontman, Jay Goeppner, is no stranger to the fest and it is his love and passion for the Beatles that he brings to each and everyone of his performances.  It is Jay’s heartfelt interpretation of John Lennon’s music that has given him the opportunity to travel to more than 20 countries sharing his music with Beatles fans everywhere.  He’s also had the honour of sharing the stage with rock legends such as Alan White, Roger Daltrey, Cheap Trick, and Pete Seeger, to name a few.

Drummer Heath Chapelle, keyboardist Bill Cornish, bass player Rob Martinez and guitarists John Griffin and Cliff Kuhlman all share in  Jay’s on stage energy and enthusiasm.

“A splendid time is guaranteed for all… and tonight Mr Jay is topping the bill”!

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