Astridge, Gary

Astridge, Gary

Gary is delighted to be invited back to International Beatleweek 2024, where he’ll be giving many completely new presentations, interviews, and Q&A sessions.

As co-author of Ringo Starr’s new book, ‘Beats & Threads’, and featured speaker for the UK Tour of “The Legendary Drums and Drumming of a Starr”, Gary Astridge is recognised as the world’s leading authority on the Beatle era drums and drumming of Sir Richard Starkey, aka Ringo Starr.

Join him to find out how he became part of Ringo’s inner circle and gained the distinctly rare opportunity to photograph and physically examine each of Ringo Starr’s existing Beatle era instruments. Hear some of the intimate recordings made with Ringo during his research, which give never-before heard info about his early life.

Through more than a decade of direct interaction with Ringo Starr and a lifetime of detailed research, Gary has amassed a treasure trove of fascinating, important and previously unknown information.

He is also the exclusive representative for the Ringo Peace and Love initiative,, advancing Ringo’s dream with a series of sculptures to be placed around the world.

Beyond just drums, Gary also has an intimate understanding of Ringo’s technique, through his professional experience as a drummer for The BBC Band. Since 2002 this group has been faithfully performing Beatle music for audiences throughout upstate New York and the surrounding areas.

This year’s presentations are hot off the press and direct from recent conversations with Ringo. If you want to know what it’s like to write a book with a Beatle, then check out Gary’s schedule below, and don’t miss these informative sessions.

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