4ever Lovers (Japan)

4ever Lovers (Japan)

This four-piece are fronted by soul singer Linda who visited International Beatleweek in 2023 as a friend and a supporter of the band HIPS. That experience was so fabulous for her, it made her determined to come back and perform this year.

This band 4ever Lovers were formed in January but every player has rich experience as Blues, Soul or Rock musicians and they’ve already accumulated a set list of around 40 songs.

Linda: Today is the youngest day of my life. I want to smash all boundaries – gender, nationality, race, language, age, and even the boarder between the stage and the audience! Come and join us, enjoy our extreme groove. I love The Beatles and I want to be a lover of The Beatles. One day I will flow into the Ganges and become one together with George!

Rie (Linda’s younger sister): I have lived my life loving music myself to support my sister (Linda) to the best of my ability. Play for Beatleweek in Liverpool…that’s almost the biggest challenge of my life. The Beatles are gods and legends that will never fade away. I’d like to say thank you to them for their beautiful music to the world today.

Yuki (Bass): There are many insects in Japan, of which beetles are very popular among children. Of course I love them too. This is my first time going abroad and I am very looking forward to searching beetles. I’m not good at English, but if you don’t mind, please befriend me.

Yuki (drums): The Beatles music are like lullabies, always gentle and soothing. The Beatles are just like sweet grandfathers to me. The Beatles’ songs have been playing in my father’s car ever since I was a little girl. Dad, I’m sorry, I’m going to Liverpool without you.

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