John and George at The Phil

26th August 2022, 8:00pm

We will honour the 50th anniversary of the Bangladesh Concert featuring Beatleweek legend and George’s friend, Joey Molland. This will be followed by a performance from three of the musicians on John’s last solo album (Double Fantasy) before his tragic demise. Earl Slick, Andy Newmark and Tony Levin have all been booked to have performed in 2020 and 2021, but due to entry requirements for Covid it has proven impossible to get them all together in the UK at the same time. Third time lucky? We hope so and they hope so, as all three want to pay tribute to John in his own country and in particular his home city. All three of them were scheduled to play the UK (and Empire Liverpool) with John in early 1981, which would have been John’s first visit home for ten years! It will be a historic, nostalgic and fitting tribute to John and Yoko, a Double Fantasy!

This event is included in the following packages:

Gold Anthology

Blue Album

White Album


Philharmonic Hall
Philharmonic Hall Hope Street, Liverpool L1 9BP