Tefeatles, The (Guatemala)

Tefeatles, The (Guatemala)

It all started when Carlos Tefel (also known by his stage name Chaz Rollazz) pitched the band idea to his uncle Jake Tefel, who had been playing guitar and bass for many years. When they realized they had a family full of musicians, they decided to have a go at starting a tribute to the only music group they could all relate to: The Beatles!

Soon, some of their friends (like family members) also joined up to complete the band. It was the drummer JP’s idea to mix the family name with The Beatles’ band name, thus becoming The Tefeatles.

Initial gigs were private events such as weddings and birthdays. Later on The Tefeatles took it a bit further, and hit the recording studio and in 2010 their first tribute album came out. The album was called “Transcending the Age of Time.”

The Tefeatles, a Guatemalan band formed in 2009. “With our instruments and voices we humbly pay homage to those four great musicians whose sonorous fruits continue to amuse us, delight us, and to make us want to dream.”

After giving away copies of their album, slowly but surely, The Tefeatle name began to resonate around town. Soon the requests came in to play gigs in clubs, charity events, as well as the International Bealtes Day festival which has grown to be the largest Central American festival celebrated every year in Guatemala. But their ultimate dream had always been to be the very first Guatemalan band to play at Beatleweek in Liverpool and in 2012 it happened!

The 1st of May 2014 at the Estadio Nacional of Costa Rica, The Tefeatles had the great honour and privilege to take the stage and sing “Get Back” with a living Beatle… Sir Paul McCartney. For The Tefeatles, that experience was epic and unparalleled. Chaz speaks of the event saying, “It is something special that we carry in our heart to share with our dear Guatemalan public whenever we go on stage”.

In 2015, The Tefeatles were invited once again to grace The Cavern Club stage for another incredible festiva and they are looking forward to be back again this year to make more memories.

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