Onion (Mexico)

Formed in Mexico City in the summer of 2010, Onion are a Mexican Beatles tribute band who are returning for their second consecutive appearance at International Beatleweek. This group are renowned for their free and iconoclastic spirit, looking for renewed and stronger interpretations of the multiple musical layers, concept and tones that integrate the mottled work of the Fab Four, from their early Rock ‘n’ Roll roots through to the arty Psychedelia and big Rock sound. Their main concept is about establishing a generational bridge between the essence of the Beatles’ music and contemporary rock bands influenced by their legacy.

These four Mexican guys have participated in many events and contests, including performing at several cultural and entertainment venues, such as the Annual Beatles Festival in Mexico where they’ve been invited for the past seven consecutive years. In 2017 they performed at International Beatleweek for the first time! Onion are:

Antonio Puebla (Bass, Keyboard, Vocals)
Angel Puebla (Rhythm guitar, vocals)
Jair Alonso Perez (Lead guitar, Vocals)
Emmanuel Quiñones (Drums, Vocals)

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