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-Mark Lewisohn

-Mark Lewisohn


Mark Lewisohn has been accepted as the leading authority on the Beatles for more than thirty years. His early books are renowned as benchmarks of factual literature, including The Beatles Recording Sessions, The Complete Beatles Chronicle, and (as co-author) The Beatles’ London. He has worked extensively on an array of official projects, including the albums, TV series and book of The Beatles Anthology, and through the 1990s was editor of Paul and Linda McCartney’s own regular magazine Club Sandwich.

Mark’s current project is THE BEATLES: ALL THESE YEARS, a comprehensive and contextual history being published in three hefty volumes – ‘the most important biography project being written in Britain today,’ according to the Boswell Biography Festival. The first in the trilogy, TUNE IN, was published in 2013 to worldwide acclaim and a place on the New York Times bestsellers. Relating the Beatles’ story to the end of 1962, it’s an absorbing and enthralling account of the lives of all the leading players, written with integrity and honesty. Tune In is available in two formats – a mass-market hardback of 960 pages, and a special edition of 1728 pages, which is everything Mark, wrote. He is now working on the second volume of what promises to be the most authoritative and accurate Beatles history ever published, truly the lasting word.

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