Hamburg Beat (England)

Hamburg Beat (England)

Hamburg Beat are a Beatles tribute band who aren’t from Hamburg and don’t play any Beatles songs…

No suits (they wear leather jackets), no guitar effects (they can’t work them), no mop top hits (think pre Epstein rockers) and no wigs (no comment !)

The band are known for belting out Carl Perkins, Chuck Berry and Little Richard classics, but they also love to play painstakingly authentic versions of the more obscure oddities, that were first heard belting out the early 60’s beat clubs of Hamburg and Liverpool.

The band’s name pays homage to their favourite Beatles’ era which harks back to those halcyon nights at The Indra, Kaisekeller, Top Ten and Star Club.

The three UK based members are from that hotbed of rock n roll (not) Lincoln in the UK and the essential ‘Atom Beat’ is provided by the band’s superb and in-demand drummer Felipe, who is a Berlin based Brazilian.

Since forming in 2012, Hamburg Beat have made numerous appearances at major festivals across Europe. The band have taken their high energy rock n roll shows to Belgium, Norway, Finland, Holland, France and Ireland, in addition to making several highly successful appearances at Beatles themed events in Germany. The band have also been lucky enough to make over 60 appearances at the ‘World’s Most Famous Club’ The Cavern Club, in Liverpool.

In 2023, the band lived out their ultimate rock n roll dreams, by playing to packed houses at The Indra, Top Ten Club and Kaiserkeller, as part of the stellar line up for Hamburg’s first ‘Come Together Experience’.

Hamburg Beat were honoured to make their debut at International Beatleweek in 2014 and made successful return visits to perform at the event in 2015, 2017 and 2021.

In 2022 the band appeared on the same bill as an actual Beatle! when performing at BestFest12 held at The Casbah Coffee Club and were actually in Hamburg in 2023 for the first Come Together festival.

Hamburg Beat are proud to be endorsed by Hofner Guitars.

Make sure you “Mach Schau” with Hamburg Beat !

Mark Waldie: Rhythm Guitar, Vocals and Harmonica
Nick McAndrew: Lead Guitar & Vocals
Alex Waldie: Bass Guitar & Vocals
Felipe Coe : Drums & Vocals

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