Goudeseune, Antoine (Belgium)

Goudeseune, Antoine (Belgium)

Antoine Goudeseune, from Belgium, is a one-man band, acoustic finger-style tribute to The Beatles. 

Antoine plays and teaches classical guitar but also has a passion for rock music which has led him to fuse the two styles and create his detailed, solo acoustic renditions of Beatles songs, weaving the melodies, harmonies, countermelodies and bass parts as well as elements of George Martin’s perfect orchestral contributions into his impressive arrangements. 

So far, he has recorded three tribute albums including two full album recreations of Abbey Road and Let It Be. 

In 2014, he went to the legendary Abbey Road Studios, where The Beatles recorded the majority of their catalogue, where he recorded his version of the Abbey Road album in Studio 2. 

From the crosswalk picture to the studio, the microphones used, everything on that record tried to capture the vibe of the place and pay the most authentic and honest tribute to the music. 

In 2020, he recorded the whole Let It Be record, for the album’s 50th birthday and was scheduled to play at International Beatleweek that same year. Unfortunately, he had to wait a couple of years to finally be able to make his debut in Liverpool but he made a fab impression and brought a classical flavour to our favourite music when he came in 2022 and now he is back in for more fingerpicking madness.

Don’t miss his version of “I Want You” on acoustic guitar and loop station!

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