Glove Love

Glove Love

Glove Love (Japan)

Named after the Dreadful Flying Glove from the Yellow Submarine film, Glove Love formed in Tokyo in 1987, which makes 2018 their 31st year as a Beatles tribute band!

Over those three decades they have amassed an impressive repertoire, which has resulted in being able to perform 177 of The Beatles’ original 60s catalogue of 211 songs. Not only can they play a wide range of material from the early days to the later studio albums, their perfect recreation of The Beatles’ sound makes their live stage performances very enjoyable. They have built up a large fan base in Japan, where they have won many competitions.

Here are a few words from each member about their aspirations:

Chatty George (as George, band master)
“Here are Glove Love at last. We promise you the best performance for you to enjoy!”

Ringo Fnatter (as Ringo)”
“I’m very looking forward to eating famous fish & chips… also to seeing you all, of course!”

John Moriyou (as John)
“The Beatles music is always new. Come and sing along with us!”

Minooru Kaneko (as Paul)
“I’m so happy to join Beatleweek! If you ever visit Yokohama, Japan, please come to my Japanese pub called Usakichi ( ). You can eat veggie foods and even sing The Beatles with us!”

Milky (keyboard, percussion)
“I wish all the children all over the world to live life in peace.”

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