Geoff Baker

Geoff Baker


Geoff Baker is a journalist who worked as the PR for Paul McCartney from 1989 – 2004. He was also assistant to the late great Derek Taylor at Apple Corps and was Apple’s press officer from 1996 – 2004.

Among the projects he worked on were The Beatles Anthology and The Beatles 1.

He travelled the planet with Paul McCartney, working at several hundred gigs on Macca’s 1989-90, 1993 and 2002-2003 world tours, and masterminded Paul McCartney’s legendary return to the Cavern in 1999.

He is most proud of the work that he did for Linda McCartney, for whom he worked as her PR man from 1990 – 1998.

He is the author of an extremely rude and satirical novel about the music business, Rock Bottom.

Geoff made his first appearance at International Beatleweek in 2010 and will be returning this year to share some of his favourite stories, songs and memories of his time working with Sir Paul. This will be accompanied by live, musical interludes by Tony Coburn’s Pure McCartney Band, featuring McDonald’s Farm.

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