Flaming Pie (Switzerland)

Flaming Pie (Switzerland)

Flaming Pie formed especially for 2022’s International Beatleweek and they’re back again. They’ll be coming over from Switzerland with a large group of Beatles fans that has become a regular thing over the years, thanks to group organiser, Urs Schweizer. 

Düde Dürst will be familiar to International Beatleweekers as the drummer of Les Sauterelles, who have always been well received in Liverpool for their authentic, Hamburg style Rock ‘n’ Roll. He has joined forces with Adi Weyermann and Thomi Jordi. Adi is a gifted guitarist and singer. His band “The Weyers” are well known throughout Europe. Thomi Jordi, a top bass player, comes from the jazzfunk and blues corner. These three musicians interpret the Beatles in their own special way, which is fresh and invigorating.  

The band are named after the famous retort by John Lennon, when asked about The Beatles’ name: “Well, I had a vision when I was twelve. And I saw a man on a flaming pie, and he said, ‘You are the Beatles with an A.’ And so we are.” 

This later inspired the McCartney song, that became the title track of his 1997 album, Flaming Pie. 

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