Duarte, Fernando (Brazil)

Duarte, Fernando (Brazil)

Fernando has been a regular at International Beatleweek, often performing with his band The Starclubbers, who first played at the festival in 2012; they now make the annual trip to Abbey Road on the River in the USA each May.

When the band can’t make it, he’s been at the ready as a solo artist and took part last year as a solo artist AND playing in a duo and full band line-ups with his compatriot, Diego de Grandi, but his greatest Beatleweek achievement was probably when he captained Brazil to Cavern World Cup victory in 2014, with memorable wins over Scotland and England in the semi-final and final, respectively…

The Starclubber is back as a solo performer and will no doubt be involved in some collaborations as always!

Like The Starclubbers, who were named after the infamous venue in Hamburg where the young Beatles cut their teeth, Fernando always brings an energy and party atmosphere to proceedings, reminiscent of those savage young Beatles, so be prepared to twist and shout.

With solid Beatles sets, Fernando also likes to delve into the solo material, side projects and more and will always be up for a late night jam or singalong!

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