Estefy Lennon

Estefy Lennon

Estefania Figueroa, known as ‘Estefy Lennon’ was born in 1987 in Argentina. She discovered the Fab Four through her parents, when she asked about the meaning of the name ‘Beatles’. She fell in love with John Lennon instantly.

Some years later, someone listened to her singing of “Help” in a karaoke bar, and told her: you are our Lennon, our Estefy Lennon, you sing like him…”. So that’s how her artistic name started.

She plays almost every weekend at the Buenos Aires scene, especially at The Cavern Club, She’s appeared on several prime time tv & radio shows as well, some of them, international, like “Beatles and Beyond” in England.

Her presence in the social networks is very important as she reached lots of followers.

What really distinguishes this artist is that “Estefy Lennon Band” is the only female John Lennon’s tribute in South America, if not the world.

In 2011 she recorded two Lennon’s unpublished songs, ‘India’ and ‘Life begins at 40’, which were played on radios from around the world.

This last one, a beautiful Country-Western song, was written by John In 1979, parts of them, solo, with guitar, recording them on a cassette. As we know, these works weren’t included in any record.

Thirty two years later, Estefy Lennon, in Buenos Aires, has chosen this song to respectfully dare to record it as she thinks Lennon would have done it alive…

She felt John would have composed a bridge, a stanza and even added a solo to give the song a definite structure. So, she has taken the humble task to add these parts and then record it.

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