Det Betales (Norway)

Det Betales (Norway)

Det Betales are one of Norway’s longest running and best known Beatles tribute bands. They are based in Drammen near Oslo, and have been a professional band since the early ’80s.  They first came to Beatleweek in 1995 and have returned many times since.

Det Betales have done more than 50 concerts at The Cavern Club, here in Liverpool as well as many gigs around the city, at the convention and Mathew Street Festival, including full albums shows and themed sets.

Det Beatles also backed Tony Sheridan on tour and at the festival who recorded “My Bonnie” with The Beatles in Hamburg in 1961. In 2011, when Tony was asked to perform the song live in Liverpool 50 years later, he performed it with Det Beatles as his “Beat Brothers” in front of a huge crowd, showing he was still a great rocker.

The line up have changed over the years, but the leader Tor Henning Olsen is still rocking. The original guitarist Odd Kleven also rejoins the group this year after many years out of the band. Over the years, the band developed their own sound, and some people would say they play the songs of The Beatles straight from their heart.

Geir Ormøy – Drums
Erik Damberg – Bass and Vocals
Joachim Olsen – Vocals and Perc
Odd Kleven – Lead Guitar and Vocals
Tor Henning Olsen – Guitar and Vocals
Magne Frydenlund – Acoustic Guitar

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