Cavern Club Beatles, The (Liverpool)

Cavern Club Beatles, The (Liverpool)

The ONLY Beatles band we have EVER endorsed. We could never see the logic of endorsing anybody until we saw these guys. Initially Jon and Bill witnessed Geoff Emerick with tears in his eyes and wiping them clear, instructing Stig Edgren to stop the worldwide search for the John and Paul in ‘The Sessions Show’ that was destined for a worldwide tour. ‘We will not get better; it takes me back to being in the studio with them…it’s uncanny!’  

Paul (Jones) who used to be John in a band became the George!! Yes, I know (crazy). Steve is as comedic as Ringo and a great drummer who used to ply his trade in Liverpool bands playing original music.  

With the Coburns in the band it is no surprise that we have a ‘Barney’ in the band, who is an exceptional keyboard player to add those later era elements, that The Fabs could never have played unaided, if they have continued touring into the late sixties. This year the band performed on the inaugural sailing of NCL Joy which the lads boarded after the Red Carpet Event for the world première  of ‘The Cavern Club… The Beat Goes On’ in Beverly Hills in front of such luminaries as Priscilla Presley after previously sharing a TV Studio with non-other than Miss World! 

The band will be undertaking an American Tour in early 2020 and were ecstatic to have performed in Abbey Road Studio 2 earlier this year. They will also tour Finland and Sweden together with a momentous gig in Bermuda in February to commemorate 40 years since John’s visit. They also performed twice for Arctic Monkey and are in such high demand worldwide that we are refusing more gigs that accepting to keep them at The Cavern Club on Friday and Saturdays as much as possible. What is also very exciting is that if the legendary Oasis drummer (Chris Sharrock) is not on tour, then he frequently becomes our drummer at The Cavern with the band. (A friend of us all and a massive fan). 

 Jimmy has had a busy year promoting his original music from his debut album ‘Waterloo Quay’. The album has received great acclaim on the internet and international radio and the album’s launch party at The Cavern was also a great night! On top of this, when the lads had some time off (which isn’t much!) Jimmy toured the UK with his new ‘Imagine’ show featuring John’s best work from The Beatles and solo years, backed by his Cavern mates, The Rockits. The tour received great reviews so please look out for it in the future. This year Jimmy will be paying tribute to John in the Adelphi Ballroom on Sunday afternoon alongside a Q/A session from special guest Jack Douglas. 

In 2017 Tony formed a new project…“Pure McCartney”. Several times since then he has reignited the project for special shows and we are delighted to have him back again this year! After seeing Sir Paul himself in the Philharmonic Pub (for the James Cordon TV special ) Tony got to see his idol perform again at The Cavern Club in July 2018. He stood in the front row of the gig and was so impressed that we asked him to recreate the same show, with all the same songs, on the same stage, stood in the same place! This will be a great show and for all you Beatleweekers who missed out the opportunity to see it the first time around, trust us when we say, this truly is the next best thing to seeing Paul in The Cavern, it doesn’t get better than this! This year he is joined by some of his CCB band mates and other Liverpool based musicians. Catch Tony perform his special tribute to McCartney on Thursday in The Cavern Live Lounge, on Monday in Grand Central Hall (Mathew Street Festival Tribute Concert) and on Monday on the rooftop of the Shankly hotel with the CCBs. 

We are delighted to welcome back original CCB member Steve Finnigan to this year’s Beatleweek lineup. Steve has been stepping into the ‘Ringo shoes’ with the group this year and has been out touring the US with the lads. Not only is he a great Ringo, but we insist you see him when he’s at his best…hosting Ringo Bingo! (Sunday, Adelphi Peace Suite, 7:15pm) 



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