Casablanca (Mexico)

Casablanca (Mexico)

Casablanca are a Mexican pop rock band, created in 2009, consisting of Aldo Zambrano on bass and vocals, Rodrigo Goko on guitar and vocals with Jony Mops on drums and backing vocals.

In 2012 the band released its first professional album of original music, which, according to its members, is inspired by The Beatles’ music among other bands.

Casablanca have performed on TV, Radio and in many theatres around Mexico. The band’s first and most important commitment to the audience is always to present a show of the highest quality in execution, sound and looks.

Recently the band have created a show dedicated entirely to the music of The Beatles, which they deliver in their own pop rock style. They have already presented this show in their home country and are now looking forward to bringing it to the birthplace of The Beatles, Liverpool.

The band have come highly recommended from previous mexican bands to have played the festival and they are very excited to make their debut at International Beatleweek.


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