Borgh, Janne (Sweden) & The Post Moderns

Borgh, Janne (Sweden) & The Post Moderns

“Since 2003 I have been a vagabond of the western world and played all over Europe and the Americas.”

Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, Jan has been coming to International Beatleweek for many years, most often with his Swedish tribute band The Repeatles, and also with The Janne Borgh Identity, but this year he returns as a solo act, playing acoustically with his harmonica, a cool shirt and a true passion for 60s and 70s power pop.

With a great mix of The Beatles, The Kinks and The Who and lots of other great acts’ songs he is back in Liverpool once more, where he belongs! In his band set up, Jan performs on both 6 and 12 string electric guitars and also writes and records a lot of his own original music.



“I hope to see you at one of my shows. We’ll have some fun!” 

International Beatleweek Liverpool 2003 – 2010, 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018.
Abbey Road On The River, Louisville-Scranton-Cleveland-Washington DC, USA 2005 – present
Beatleday, Mons, Belgium 2005
Belleville, Ontario, Canada 2008
Maritime Beatle Event, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 2006 – 2011
Semana Beatle de Latino America, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2004 – 2005

Janne Lee Borgh & Post Moderns
Janne Lee Borgh – Sweden acoustic guitar, vocals
Mats J-O Johansson- Sweden acoustic guitar, vocals
Joe Orlando- USA bass, backing vocals



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