Before (Chile)

Before (Chile)

Before from Chile are returning for their third Beatleweek in a row. Winners of the 2019 Latin America Beatle Week, they had to wait three years to claim their place at the festival but are now making up for lost time. 

They have made a great impression over the last two years with their unique song choices from all eras, delivered with tight knit harmonies and a virtuosity among the group that sees members frequently swapping between instruments, taking turns on guitar, bass, keys and drums.

‘Before’, from Chile, were formed in 2012 in the courtyards of the university,
where the original members were all studying to become music teachers. After getting together they started busking in the streets of Santiago before playing more established venues that lead to bigger and better stages and started to travel further afield within Chile. Around this time they added a fourth official member on drums, completing the line-up, giving them the confidence and momentum to apply for the “Semana Beatle Chilena” (Beatle Week Chile). After being crowned the festival’s top band they were given the chance to play at the Latin America Beatle Week “Semana Beatle Latinoamericana” in 2019.

The band, Gustavo, Nicolas, Sebastián and Samuel, took on the ambitious task of performing the second half of The Beatles’ eponymous “White” album from 1968 on Sunday as part of the convention last year. No mean feat! This year they have expanded the lineup and welcome Victor Gac in on acoustic guitar on vocals.

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