Beatles Rockshow

Beatles Rockshow

Beatles Rockshow is a Brazilian tribute band that first came together in Liverpool during International Beatleweek 2016 when Guilherme Rancanti and Marcelo Cioglia were originally part of The Yesterdays, fronted by IBW legend Aggeu Marques.

Back in Brazil, Aggeu decided to slow down and take a back seat as other projects started to evolve. Beatles Rockshow, added by the talents of keyboardist Carlos Ivan (also from The Yesterdays), and the powerful vocals of Khadhu Capanema, alongside his brother, the skilled drummer Bhydhu Capanema, this lineup brings a fresh and energetic twist to classics, while honouring the original arrangements.

Since they have come together, Beatles Rockshow has captivated audiences across Brazil with their unique performances of Beatles hits, b-sides and solo works of John, Paul, George, and Ringo. Their shows are marked by emotional depth and musical excellence, creating memorable experiences for fans.

Guilherme and Marcelo have previously wowed Beatleweek crowds, sharing the stage with legends like Howie Casey and Steve Holley, and performing iconic albums (like “Venus and Mars” and “Band on the Run” in full. This year, under the blessing of their mentor Aggeu, Beatles Rockshow is set to deliver their celebrated Brazilian flair to Liverpool once more.

Get ready to experience the magic of Beatles Rockshow at this year’s International Beatleweek!

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