BeatleJuice (Argentina)

BeatleJuice (Argentina)

BeatleJuice is an Argentine band that blends the music of The Beatles with the energy of hard rock, creating a unique experience for fans of both musical genres.

Formed by experienced musicians such as Valdi Mónaco, Pablo D. Coca, Luis Bergonzi, Marcelo Gallego, and Agustín “El Negro” Vit, the band has distinguished itself for its passion and commitment to the music of the Fab Four. Since its formation less than two years ago, BeatleJuice has made its mark on the music scene, being recognised as the best band of the 23rd Beatle Week at the Cavern BA.

This achievement has given them the unique opportunity to represent Latin America at the 2024 Beatle Week at the Cavern in Liverpool, England. What sets BeatleJuice apart is their innovative approach to reinterpreting The Beatles classics with a hard rock edge, maintaining the essence of the original songs while infusing new life and energy into each performance.

This blend of influences has resonated with audiences worldwide, establishing BeatleJuice as one of the most exciting and original tribute bands on the circuit. With a repertoire that spans the best of The Beatles’ catalogue and an energetic and charismatic stage presence, BeatleJuice promises to deliver an unforgettable experience for all attendees at the Beatle Week. Their participation in this prestigious event is a testament to their dedication to music and their commitment to the legacy of The Beatles.

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